Search Engine Optimization SEO

If you need your website to be known by others, then it should be something interesting about your website or blog. The content must be meet with readers expectation, and that is one of the most important thing about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Then what is SEO? It is a whole process of optimization, not only content but all aspects in related with Search Engine. All factors means online and offline as well need to be paid attention. That is way Search Engine Optimization needed for your website or blog.

Step by Step SEO for Website
SEO steps in order to get your website to be optimized will be listed as following steps. For your information, SEO is always changing in its development, as the main role players also have many changes in the algorithm they set up. But for general purposes, here are the steps:
  1. Submit your URL to Search Engine. This steps is aimed your website or blog to be known by Search Engine itself. With this submission, then it will be easier to be crawled and indexed in search results. For instance, you can Submit URL to Google, Yahoo/Bing Search Engine. (If you see here why Yahoo and Bing together in one place submission form, it is because Yahoo now using Bing for its search results reference).
  2. Register at Google Webmaster that enables you to control all things related to your website. You can check where the traffic comes from and the favorite topic that the readers like most. You can also control onsite factor of your blog / website, whether any duplicate crawling, errors on html whenever Google Spider reach the site.
  3. Submit your website to high quality blog directory as well as ping service for more exposure about your content and publication. You can submit to : Ping SG for example.

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